Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I am thankful for

Sorry it has been so long since I have updated my blog but I wanted to post real fast on what I am thankful for.

I am thankful for my friends and family!! Oh how much sweeter life is knowing how much I am loved. I love family and all my friends and I am very blessed to have them in my life. :)
I am very grateful for this new product I found! It has made my health improve so much! If you haven't heard of it you need to check it out. I feel so great when I am doing a cleanse and getting all my nutrients.

I am thankful that I have a wonderful job at America First and that I am in my program at Weber State.
Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wild West Birthday!

This year was my 25th birthday party and we celebrated in true cowboy fashion! I had so many wonder friends and family come this year it was great! The night started with dinner (pulled pork sandwiches were the featured item) and included a show by JD Yeoman, square dancing by Wendy and hip hop dancing by Ben and Adam. I would have to say this year is one of my favorites! Oh we also had a game of horse shoes, raffled off baby chickens, a photo station and Dot (the horse) made an appearance!

The big surprise of the evening was the singles wards gift to me...a bike!! Can you believe it?! I have started learning and it is just as scary as I remember but hopefully it will come easier ;) Thanks everyone who made this birthday so special!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

We leave for Italy!

Ok so I have been meaning to post our trip so here is the first day. We left Utah May 17 at around 10am.

Here we are so excited to be leaving!

I look really tired in this picture don't I? Ha ha well  I was! Of course I waited till the last minute to pack so I was up a little late! When we arrived in Dallas we went to check in and they told us that our flight had been changed and now we were leaving at 8pm instead of 5pm! Oh boy. So we now had another problem, because we are leaving later we will miss our connecting flight in London to Venice!! Just our luck. Well nothing we could do about it now, just pray that it would work out. We were all hungry so we grab a bite at McDonald's, joking that it was the last time we would be eating American Food :) The flight to London was 9 hours long!! Oh my gosh it was the longest time I have ever spent in a plane and surprisingly I didn't get sick. The plane was HUGE! it had 2 seats on the left side 5 seats in the middle and 2 seats on the right side with a business section and two economy sections. We were all separated so I had to sit by myself but it was ok because I was on the aisle and the man beside me slept the whole flight. Each seat had our own TV and we could watch movies, TV shows and the flight path. I can't remember what I watched but I watched some TV, slept some and went up to visit my mom, Dallan and Logan. I wanted to laugh out loud when I went to see my mom because of all the funny faces people have while sleeping on the plane, it was great! We arrived in London and we had to switch airports, I know it is weird but it is cheaper that way I guess. As soon as we stepped off the plane two people were waiting for us to guide us through the airport to catch our shuttle to the other airport. They told us in order to make it we had to hurry. The woman started speed walking down the terminal and told us to keep up. Oh boy talk about the saying out of the gate running! We had been sitting for over 9 hours and now we are running trying to make the shuttle to get to our connection. We went through customs and grabbed our luggage and ran to the shuttle bus and it had already left so we had to wait about an hour outside for the next one. I slept on the shuttle bus so I didn't see any of the lovely London countryside..oops...well I was sleepy :) We got to the other airport (sorry I can't remember which one we started at) and had to wait five hours for our next flight. Oh boy by this time I hated airports and airplanes. We kept trying to get a hold of Cori to let her know that we would not be coming in at the time she thought on facebook and email. We finally got through to her and told her that we would be in at 10pm. We ate real fish and chips and I slept with my head on the table in the coffee shop. Finally we boarded our last plane and made it to Italy!! It was dark when we got here so we couldn't see the landscape but we were all so excited we made it after such a long day..We left Utah at 10am on Tuesday 17th and got to Italy at 11pm on Wednesday 18th! We drove to the hotel my parents and logan would be staying at and than to Cori's house to check it out before we all headed to bed for a long needed rest. Sorry this post is so long and kinda boring the next ones will be better since it will show our travels :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

European Hornet

Yes I have seen this thing. And no it was not outside. This lovely creature was in the house. And let me tell you it is as huge and gross as it looks. Corianne and I were so scared we grabbed Dustin to kill it and at first did not believe it was as big as we described but once he saw it he said it was a "Super Wasp." Once we started researching it we found out that the Queen of the nest is the one that visited us, well from the size and color we are assuming it was. Later that night me and Cori started singing the bed intruder song and couldn't stop laughing with how it well it fit...she flying in your windows snatching your people up, so hide your kids and hide your wives, hide your kids hide your wives and hide your husbands cuz she stinging everyone out there! I really hope this nest is not close by....not a huge fan of these super wasps!

2 cups of laundry soap, a package of gummy bears and 18 dollars later I have cleaned someone else's clothes.

Today Corianne and I went to the laundry mat to clean our very overflowing laundry basket and me being the helpful sister decided to fill all the machines with laundry soap. So along I went, dumping in the thick blue liquid. As I filled the washers I noticed that one had a pair of superman who knew Dustin wore such small briefs and with a big superman "S" none the less. At last Cori came along and asked if I had put soap in the last machine she was standing by; well no I had not because I didn't think that one was hers. And then it hit me, wait this washer with the tiny hero underwear was not hers...crap! My face got hot and I franticly looked around to see if the washer had an owner somewhere in the building. The only lady with kids replied that it didn't belong to her. Oh great! Then Cori made me panick even more, the laundry that I had just added soap to was already clean! Oh. Just. Great. Although I have to admit we were laughing because only I would add soap to an already clean load of a stranger. We were finished loading when I asked Cori for quarters to do her last machine when once again she said that one was not hers! Are you kidding me?!?! Not only did I fill one wrong machine- but TWO! And again it was already clean. Mamma Mia! Well, I felt completely retarded and didn't want to leave detergent on their clothes, so I took twenty dollars out of the ATM and went in to the store to break it for some quarters. Of course the lady at the counter said we have to purchase something from the store to get in the till so I plopped on the counter the nearest thing I could grab..gummy bears and off we went. I filled the washer with quarters and started the wash again. I kept glancing around the whole time we were there to see if the owner would show up but they did not. So whoever you are, I am sorry I dumped soap in your clean batch of clothes but I hope you don't mind that they got washed again. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011


Cori came for a surprise visit a couple weeks ago and we had so much fun! I took a little video of when we went shopping for Dallan. The whole time my sister was here my mom was just so excited she could barely stand it! It was really neat to have us all together again after two years.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where's Waldo?

I have decided that looking for a husband is a lot like look for Waldo in those "Where's Waldo" books. You look and look for this certain man, scanning every nook and corner trying to uncover where he is hiding. This is exactly how it feels dating and trying to find the right man to marry. You look and look.. scanning every car, class room, church activity, friend of a friend, online etc. always searching for your Waldo. Now with Waldo from the books you have to make sure you find the "right" one because there are always several people that look like him but they are usually missing an item that makes Waldo..well Waldo. The right Waldo has a walking stick, sleeping bag, mallet, drinking cup, binoculars, kettle, backpack, camera, snorkel, belt, another bag and shovel. Ha ha apparently if Waldo is lost anywhere he can survive! This is like looking for your perfect man and how you always seem to find the wrong one before you spot the right one. But even if it takes hours and someone has to help you; you can always find the right Waldo! The same is with dating it might take you years and you have to lean on the Lord but you will eventually find your Waldo!